145 HR 13 Pirelli

Cinturato™ CA67

From the 60’s through to the early 80’s, little sports cars dominated and did so much for the British car manufacturing industry with cars such as the Austin Healey Sprite and the Triumph Herald, great little energetic cars that are just a pleasure to drive. Sadly for the longest time there hasn’t been a good tyre to be fitted on these cars, until Pirelli created the 145R13 Pirelli Cinturato TM CA67. This radial tyre is made with these cars in mind, with a rounded carcass to compliment the handling of these light weight rear wheel drive cars. There are many budget tyres that are made at this size but they are made to compliment a more modern chassis and the handling wont at all compare to that of a 145R13 Pirelli Cinturato TM CA67.